Inside – miboy1991

A new neighbor just moved into Willow Creek, and with new neighbors comes new problems. Sabrina, a writer with a dwindling marriage, and her best friend Melissa decide to welcome their new neighbor Lauren. But it’s not long after that Lauren finds her past coming back to haunt her and all of her new friends too. Will she be able to escape the past in Bridgeport she left behind or will it destroy her new life too?

First Video: November 14, 2014
Status: Active / Bi-Weekly

First Impressions: This ongoing machinima series is just like a Sim soap opera with drama, mystery, and romance. It follows a cast of characters through their lives with surprises at every turn. The quality of voice acting improves through the episodes along with the cinematography. Accompanied by covers of popular songs, Inside does an amazing job at creating a ‘tv show’ from The Sims 4 that has now reached Season 3!


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