The Warning – Julyvee



It wasn’t where Emmery wanted to be. Ever since his family had moved to Windenburg, all he could think about was the raven haired Cassandra back in Willow Creek. As if the distance wasn’t enough, he was convinced the girl hadn’t even noticed him. But time stood still as the text came her phone asking to him to meet up. Propelled forward by passion, Emmery races to get back to Willow Creek by any means possible.

Posted: February 1, 2016
Status: Concluded

First Impression: The Warning is an example of how foreshadowing and urgency draws readers in. Even with such a small task as reaching out to the ‘one that got away’ feels like a race against the clock. The short story plays into the importance of making a choice and suffering the consequences. With such a delicately written intro about The Timekeeper and living on borrowed time, it leads the imaginative to wonder if there could be a Timekeeper series in the future.


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