The Curse of the Black Bracelet – MAKPLAYS

makplays.pngReaders are introduced to a young cautious Emmy as she walks into the forest desperately trying to avoid the shadows of the dragon. After a night’s sleep in the alcove and trying not to lose the bracelet, she meets Melvin a young boy slightly older than Emmy. The story quickly fast forwards to a few years later when both Emmy and Melvin are older and are about to take on their biggest battle with the dragon itself!

First Posted: 14th May 2016
Status: Concluded

First Impressions:  I love this short story by MAKPLAYS.  She doesn’t stray too far from the plot and keeps readers wanting more. Another aspect  that I enjoyed was that the developing characters aged through the story. The ending was perfect! Personally I would love to see what happens with Emmy and Melvin in a sequel.


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