Do you want to become a Contributor or Author?

Contributors are writers that submit recommended blogs, summaries, and updates concerning stories that are off TSL. This is the position to showcase the exceptional creations that are already out there on the web. Blogs or videos recommended by contributors will be removed upon request of the original creator.

Authors write original legacies and post updates on The Sims Legacies site. They are expected to post blogs within a reasonable time and stories will become inactive after a period of 1 month without an update. The content created by the authors are solely their own and will be removed from the site upon request.

Editors will spell check and verify the quality of every contribution and blog post. They are expected to help correct any mistakes and communicate constructive feedback clearly to the writers. This is a very limited position and requires the most commitment.


Why should I follow or apply to The Sims Legacies blog?

Many content creators out there for The Sims have found themselves lost in a sea of oversaturation. It’s not easy to get views or to even know that you have an audience. Too many creative and unique stories have fallen by the wayside by creators that feel insignificant.

TSL was created with the goal to bring together writers to make your Sims blogs visible and appealing to more people. We want to spread the love of Sims stories and legacies


All positions are considered volunteer. There is not a minimum amount of authors and contributors, however, we reserve the right to deny any application based on our measure of standards. If you are still interested, fill out the application below: